Infatuation: French Doors


I’m obsessed with French doors. Specifically, these blue French doors from Centsational Girl. I can now add them to the (dream) list of things our next home should have.

Do you keep a list of things you’d do differently in your next house? Or things you’d rather have in your next house? For me the major items are: gas stove, fireplace, and a backyard. The French doors are on the list of minor things; not necessarily a deal breaker, but I’d love them.

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  1. lynn

     /  2 February 2013

    We’re considering buying our rental house, so I’ve already started a to-do list. Love the idea of painting the French doors in our house (that color is my top front door choice right now), but I’m leaning more toward moving them to a different part of the house. This house has a few things that cannot be changed (very small yard), but the space inside is open and well organized. All public space (including a guest suite) is downstairs, and private space (including both our offices) is upstairs. I never knew how much I’d love this. My major wish items for this house: gas appliances, renovated kitchen/bar, and a fence for the front yard. If we were to buy another house, the top requirements would be larger garden area, clearly separated public/private spaces, and separate bathrooms for both of us (we have that now and can never go back – ever).

  2. Separate bathrooms is interesting! I never even considered that. I do enjoy that our public areas are separated from the private areas, though it never occurred to me that other houses might not be similar. I’ll have to add that to my list, too!


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