Thanks for ruining my day


Yesterday, I had a follow up appointment at my gynecologist’s office. He went over the results of the mammogram I had two weeks ago (everything came back fine, woo!). It wasn’t the worst thing, but it’s not something I want to do monthly. I wore my sassy shoes and rocked that scratchy gown for the testing (the sassy shoes helped, I promise).

When I arrived in the office, a woman called me over to check in. She asked for my name and then looked me up and down, and said “CONGRATULATIONS!” with a little too much enthusiasm. It took me a second to comprehend and then another to make sure I didn’t make a scene by setting the record straight, “Oh, I’m not pregnant, but thanks for ruining my day.”


Totally Awesome Twos


This is my best friend’s little baby. She’ll be two next week, which makes her much not of a baby anymore. Her birthday party is tomorrow outside of Grand Rapids, a short 3 hour drive from our house. It hasn’t stopped snowing along Lake Michigan in a few days = awesome for those who live there. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make the trek (and get some newer pictures that aren’t almost a year old – ek!)

Any big plans this weekend? Are you staying in away from the snow or getting out in it? Or, is it unbelievably warm and you’re going to sun yourself?

Happy Birthday SG!!