An Every Night Meal

Matt and I took a cruise for our honeymoon. At our dinner table, we sat with four other couples that were married two days prior as well. It was kind of fun to meet other newlyweds. One of the couple said something that really struck me. She loved to cook, but her husband wasn’t always a fan of what she made. They had a catch phrase, “it’s not an every night meal” to make it sting a little less when the dinner just didn’t turn out well.

Matt and I have adopted this and we use it often. Not as often lately, because after four years of living together and into our first year of marriage, I’ve finally started to learn what he does and doesn’t like. Mushrooms? No way Jose. Spicy food? Have to add the spice after I dish out his food. He’d rather eat sandwiches for every meal, and I’d probably cry if I had to eat sandwiches at every meal. So, we’re adapting and trying out new things. He’s even in the kitchen helping me cook more often.

This week, I gave Matt a copy of Breakfast for Dinner for Valentine’s Day. It was a double win. He loves breakfast anytime, and I really wanted this cookbook. Last night, after a little bit of prodding, he chose Bacon Fried Rice for today’s lunch.


It’s an every day meal. It’s definitely the best fried rice I’ve ever had. My favorite part of any cookbook is learning a new recipe and being able to adapt and change the recipe making it my own. With this recipe I can change the protein and adapt it to the veggies I have on hand, but right now I think we’ll be making this bacon version for quite awhile. Maybe I can even teach it to Matt to have a night off.

I can’t wait to try out more of the recipes in the book. Matt has his eye on the mint chocolate pancakes. I can’t wait to try the shrimp and grits. I’ve never tried a Love & Olive Oil recipe that wasn’t fabulous, so it’s no surprise this cookbook is filled with amazing recipes and photos to match.


Thanks for ruining my day


Yesterday, I had a follow up appointment at my gynecologist’s office. He went over the results of the mammogram I had two weeks ago (everything came back fine, woo!). It wasn’t the worst thing, but it’s not something I want to do monthly. I wore my sassy shoes and rocked that scratchy gown for the testing (the sassy shoes helped, I promise).

When I arrived in the office, a woman called me over to check in. She asked for my name and then looked me up and down, and said “CONGRATULATIONS!” with a little too much enthusiasm. It took me a second to comprehend and then another to make sure I didn’t make a scene by setting the record straight, “Oh, I’m not pregnant, but thanks for ruining my day.”

Infatuation: French Doors


I’m obsessed with French doors. Specifically, these blue French doors from Centsational Girl. I can now add them to the (dream) list of things our next home should have.

Do you keep a list of things you’d do differently in your next house? Or things you’d rather have in your next house? For me the major items are: gas stove, fireplace, and a backyard. The French doors are on the list of minor things; not necessarily a deal breaker, but I’d love them.

Totally Awesome Twos


This is my best friend’s little baby. She’ll be two next week, which makes her much not of a baby anymore. Her birthday party is tomorrow outside of Grand Rapids, a short 3 hour drive from our house. It hasn’t stopped snowing along Lake Michigan in a few days = awesome for those who live there. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make the trek (and get some newer pictures that aren’t almost a year old – ek!)

Any big plans this weekend? Are you staying in away from the snow or getting out in it? Or, is it unbelievably warm and you’re going to sun yourself?

Happy Birthday SG!!

New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution

It’s almost a month into the new year, but that’s ok. I just started here and I have a lot of things to share.

My number one resolution this year is to have fresh flowers in the house. It’s not hard resolution to keep and it smells wonderful in here.

Stopping by Trader Joe’s for a $5 bouquet is easy and I can always pick up some fleur de sel caramels while I’m there (have you had them? They’re AMAZING!). Plus, having some freshness is a nice change from the snow we’ve been having the last few days.

Aren’t these flowers gorgeous? I love the idea of bringing home different types every week.

Photo via Pinterest.

Valentine Nails

Valentine nails

I’ve been obsessed with the base color on my nails, Essie Jazz, for months. It’s a summer color that can easily move into fall and beyond. I’ve had the pink color on my toes, California Coral, for the majority of the winter – it’s like a far away escape every time I look down. I put them together and it was Valentine’s Day magic.


I took my painters tape, folded it in half, with just a bit overlapping to make it easier to pull apart. Cut a heart into the center, approximately the size of your nail. Painted over the tape with the secondary color. Tada!

Once upon a time …

Long, long, ok maybe not so long ago, I had a blog called It was about my life, an unfortunate surgery on my backside and about my path to gluten free living. The blog ended about the same time as my gluten free diet – but I’ve missed it. I missed sharing with people I’ve never met on the Internet. I’ve missed connecting with people. I’ve missed this.

Jade in the snow

So, I’m back. On a cold, snowy, sick day Yuppish is back. Now that it’s back, I’m going to enjoy my cup of tea and enjoy the snowstorm on my couch wrapped up in a blanket wishing this cough away, oh and plot how I’m going to take over the world.

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